How it started..

In 2018 we designed and produced our very first inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP). This 11’ allround board is ideal for those who like to spend more time on the water. The board is shaped to be faster and more versatile than other boards on the market, but at the same time, it is still very rigid and sturdy. This makes the board ideal for more professional users as well as enthusiastic beginners.


For the 2019 season we upgraded the 11′ board material with fusion technology, which makes the board lighter and more environmental friendly. We also added a kick pad.

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MOAI inflatable board

New boards in 2019

We also added two new boards to our MOAI product family: a 10’6 all-round board, the perfect beginner board for families and people who want to stand up paddle for recreational purposes. The board has also an hybrid functionality: you can add an optional kayak seat to use the SUP as a kayak.


The second new board is a 12’6 touring SUP, which is the ideal board for the more experienced riders who want to spend more time on the water. The board includes 2x nets which enables users to carry additional cargo or luggage for longer distances.

The board is shaped to be faster than our other models, but with the necessary rigidity and stability.

Created with fusion technology, which makes the board lighter and more environmental friendly.


The design of the boards is elegant, stylish and a tribute to the people of Polynesia, who have been traveling the Pacific Ocean for thousands of years. It is also the Polynesians who invented the art of surfing and stand up paddle boarding.

Complete SUP package

At MOAI, we believe in stunning designs and a complete package for an affordable price. Our boards have several features and includes multiple accessories to enjoy as much time on the water as possible.

The MOAI iSUP package is completed with the following accessoires:

  • Adjustable paddle Each package will be provided with an in length adjustable high-quality aluminum paddle.
  • Double action pump – Also included is a double action pump, which will cut the time to inflate your board by half. This gives you more time on the water.
  • Repair kit – The package also contains a kit for small repairs to the board.
  • Trolley Backpack – We understand that convenience and portability are important aspects when and wherever you go out for a paddle. That’s the reason why our board is inflatable. Our package is completed with a backpack which makes it easy to safely store and travel with your board.
  • Safety leash  – Last but not least, we also include a safety leash with each board. 
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